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alina bialek

Senior Yoga Teacher

Alina is a living and breathing example of the positive benefits yoga can bring to ones life. It is her passion to share these benefits with you. Her classes will help you find powerful and self-affirming healing and energy, better sleep and a calmer more peaceful life, as well as the intelligent strengthening and conditioning of the body.

Alina’s Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes focus on alignment, which can be supported with hands-on adjustments, massage whilst always skilfully tailoring the class to your individual needs. You will be safely guided through posture work, breath awareness, and relaxation.

Alina has been practising yoga since 2007 and teaching it since 2010. She teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga in 1:1 setting to clients who prefer more individually tailored approach, which helps gain complete understanding and mastery of postures, and she also teachers groups of all levels and abilities, from beginners to more advanced students.

The majority of Alina’s classes are taught in Vinyasa Flow style – this a one breath, one movement, high-intensity flow class available for level 1 (complete beginners/new to yoga) and level 2 students (advanced practitioners, teacher trainees, and yoga teachers).

Alina also teaches Hatha Yoga and Yoga For Stress classes which are much gentler classes with a focus on calming breathing techniques and gentle stretches to calm the mind.

Alina’s journey led her to teach annual yoga retreats abroad (Poland – 2014, Spain – 2015, Portugal – 2017 & 2018, Corfu – 2019) and one day yoga retreats in London. She enjoys teaching workshops and self-development events to help individuals gain create positive changes.

Her biggest passion is to help and support people to grow through their yoga practice and as a result, she started teaching Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training.

What Inspired Alina To Teach?

I’ve managed and opened a number of wellbeing studios in London including Light Centre Belgravia, Light Centre Monument, Light Centre Moorgate, Special Yoga Centre, and Triyoga Primrose Hill &  Soho. I’ve been fortunate enough to practice and learn from the best yoga teachers from around the world while working in those studios. 

I have learned from Sean Corne (Vinyasa Flow), John Scott (Ashtanga), Guru Mook (Kundalini), David Swenson (Ashtanga), Anna Forrest (Forrest Yoga), Max Strom, and Dharma Mittra.

The person that inspired me the most though, has been Claire Missingham – she has been my biggest Vinyasa Flow inspiration. After Claire’s third Group Yoga class, I realized I wanted to become a yoga teacher so that I could inspire people the way that she inspired me. I went on to complete Claire Missingham’s Yoga Teacher Training in 2010 and she’s in my heart to this day.

My next biggest inspiration for Vinyasa Flow style yoga has been Alessandra Pecorella. I have assisted her very first Yoga Teacher Training, she inspired me to deepen my meditation practice and spiritual path, and we even both gave birth to our sons on the same day in 2008! 

With my yoga practice and meditation practice, I then started joining Stewart Gilchrist’s advanced classes in London. Soon, I organized, managed, and assisted his yoga teacher training in 2014 and 2015. 

My personal yoga practice is constantly evolving with discipline and consistency as all of my teachers say, this is the key to growth in your life and becoming a better version of myself.

After 5 years of teaching yoga, I realized my help and support was limited –  I decided to start my journey as a healer and therapist (clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy). In November 2018, I made a decision to serve in the studio with full integrity and open it to the public in May 2019. It has been a great blessing seeing people’s transformations and changes throughout the time we have been open at Integrity Centre.

It is my life’s mission and passion to help people reach their full potential, inspire them to become better versions of themselves, feel loved, feel free, feel kindness and experience the joy of living their lives to the fullest.


alina bialek

What Can Alina Help You With?


Develop strength and awareness in your yoga practiec while sharing the collective energy of the room and working together. 


Move at your own pace with the assistance of a top senior yoga teacher in a safe manner and with proper alignment.


Take a break and withdraw from the bustle of daily life to focus on your practice of yoga and overall wellbeing.

Take your practice to the next level by becoming a teacher and sharing your knowledge and skills.

Gain confidence, business success, personal feedback, and more when you join Alina's mentoring sessions.


Step it up a notch with specialty workshops that go deeper into yoga philosophy, intentions, and practice.


If you really want to get in a good mental and physical place, then join Alina’s classes – she’s absolutely brilliant! My sister and I joined the place on an offer to see if we’d like yoga at all. We typically enjoy more intensive sports and thought that we’ll be bored to death. Now, after a short week, we’ve decided that we will continue with the Integrity centre instead of returning to a gym. Super happy with the place! Keep up the good work, guys!

– Nina Alexander, Google Review


Integrity centre is amazing. I tried Alina’s yoga class and absolutely loved it. She’s so energetic and so her classes. I also had a chance to try one massage and it was great. When you come to the studio you forget about everyday worries and just relax. The whole atmosphere is unique. Everyone is positive and smiles. I highly recommend this place!

– Adela Pakandlova, Google Review


Alina has a great energy about her. She’s an experienced yoga teacher and also does 121 therapy sessions to help you deal with day to day challenges along with any big obstacles you may face. The new studio is calming, homely, and in a great location. Ideal for classes or sessions to get away from the city grind.

– Nazneen Malik, Google Review

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